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in·for·ma·tion man·age·ment

n. 1. The means by which an organization efficiently plans, collects, organizes, uses, controls, disseminates and disposes of its information, and through which it ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited to the fullest extent.


Every sale, contact, or interaction gives you an opportunity to learn more about a customer's preferences, purchasing habits, and value to your company. You can then use that information to make better business decisions or to tailor new services to your customer base.


Where do you stand?

How do you keep track of the following information?: Customer contact information • Supplies/inventory • Vendors and business contacts • Transactions and financial data • Correspondence

What changes would you like to see in your approach to organizing this information?

Do you analyze customer and sales data to identify trends and potential areas for growth?

Keys to success

Maintain client information in a database for easy access.
Your clients will appreciate receiving special promotions and birthday cards from your business. They will return your personalized attention with repeat business and referrals.

Grow your business by analyzing your sales data.
Determine which products sell best by sales district. Remind former customers to return for maintenance services. A database can provide this functionality at the touch of a button, helping you make smarter advertising decisions and provide greater customer service.

Keep your information management system up to date.
Your ability to tailor services to your most valuable customers will save you time and money. More importantly, the investment you make updating your sales data and client information will bring you increased sales.



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Client Perspectives

By drilling down on the data ThingsEternal's Classroom Management System provided, I was able to introduce a number of targeted intervention strategies for our students.

I’d encourage any company interested in growth to contact ThingsEternal. They have affordable tools to manage your customer information, track your sales data, or monitor your inventory levels. They’ll do the work, you'll be the genius. And your bottom line WILL GROW.”

Diron Ford, Assistant Principal, Newport News Public Schools