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brand man·age·ment

n. 1. a systematic approach to creating a name, sign or symbol used to identify the seller’s items or services and to differentiate them from goods of competitors. 2. the process of managing perceptions in the mind of the consumer.


A key component of growing any business is establishing your brand, to include your Internet presence as well as traditional materials such as your logo and brochures. Consistent branding material unifies your print and online material with a cohesive look and feel, establishing a professional image for your company .


Where do you stand?

What types of collateral do you currently use to communicate with your current and prospective clients? Logo • Business cards • Flyers • Postcards/mailers • Brochures • web site • newsletter • storefront or vehicle signage • media advertisement

How do you want people to view your company and the service that you provide ?

Keys to success

Establish a professional image.
Determine what symbols you want to convey to current clients. Define the themes that you want to articulate to your target market. Then convey Your Image consistently through business cards, sales receipts, magnets and a tailored web site.

Share information about your business AND your field.
A web site is an excellent vehicle to communicate valuable information to current and prospective clients. Make sure that your site clearly differentiates your company from the competition. Don’t just talk about your commitment to excellence. Give specific information about the benefits or savings that your company provides its customers. Use contact forms to generate a list of prospects for regular follow up.

Process credit cards.
By offering secure credit card processing through your website, you’ll give your customers more flexibility and increase their confidence in you.

Stay in touch with customers through your web site.
One of the most convenient features of a website is its ability to send customer orders directly to your fax machine or e-mail account . Then you can access those orders from a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer.



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Client Perspectives

ThingsEternal’s branding services have been a significant part in my strategy to attract and retain customers, from my initial postcard and website design through my first sale."

Milton Ryan, REALTOR®