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Your Clients

cus·tom·er re·la·tion·ship man·age·ment

n. also CRM. 1. methodologies that help an enterprise manage customer relationships in an organized way in order to heighten customer loyalty and improve profit margins.


Your clients are your most valuable asset. By designating New Clients for special treatment, you’ll distance yourself from the competition. The result: REPEAT CUSTOMERS who refer you to friends and family members


Where do you stand?

What are your Current and Desired Client groups?

How do you attract new customers?

How do you communicate and follow-up with your customers?

Do you offer incentives to current, regular, or new clients?

What are your plans/desires for growing your client base?

Keys to success

Develop a New Client Package with a Free Gift.
Offer a token of your appreciate to new customers who have chosen to do business with you.

Generate a list of prospective clients.
One effective approach is to offer a free booklet with helpful tips related to your industry. Request permission to contact interested parties again.

Subscribe New Customers to A Free Newsletter.
Promote your products and services, and include coupons for referrals. By contacting your prospects regularly, you’ll gradually increase their confidence in your ability to provide excellent service.

Reward your existing clients for their loyalty.
Show your customers that you appreciate their continued patronage by offering VIP discounts throughout the year, reminding clients of your follow-up products and services. Done properly, these promotions can reward your faithful customers during the holidays or drum up business during slow periods.



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Client Perspectives

We needed to reface the Envision website and create one for Chesapeake Investment Corporation in time for a major conference of investors.

After our initial discussion, we felt that ThingsEternal "got it." They designed unique, complimentary sites for our two companies and launched them both in time for our conference."

Rob Rosenberger, Principal Envision Financial Corporation