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n. 1. one who manages another's property, finances, or other affairs.

In addition to the four tenets that apply to every business, Christian business owners have a fifth critical consideration.

Contact us today to discuss ways that you can minister to your clients and impact your community.


Resources for Christian Business Owners

Connecting Business Men to Christ (CBMC)
Established in 1930 by a small group of businessmen who shared the desire to communicate the eternal, life-saving message of Jesus Christ to others, CBMC had grown into a worldwide network of professional men that continues to evangelize and disciple today's business and professional community.

ThingsEternal Life Strategies
Life Strategies is our online Christian resource committed to evangelism and exposition of the Biblical text. We desire to provide information and resources that will help people to grow in the knowledge of the Lord and live according to God's plan as outlined in Scripture.

Crown Financial Ministries
CFM seeks to help to fund the Great Commission by teaching Christians about Biblical principles of financial stewardship. The mission of the Christian Stewardship Association is to influence the world for Jesus Christ by equipping Christian leaders with an understanding of biblical stewardship through education, research, resources and networking opportunities.





Client Perspectives

ThingsEternal takes its responsibility to help companies fulfill their calling seriously.  Its not simply about improving a bottom line. 

Our goal is to help you expand opportunities and impact your community for the long haul."

Mikael Davis, Director, Marking and Strategy