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Real Estate Professionals

re·al es·tate a·gent

n. 1. a person who is authorized to act as an agent for the sale of land. 2. One empowered to act for or represent another in a property transaction.

As a real estate professional, you must find creative ways to increase your visibility among your target audience. Identify your unique characteristics (experience, familiarity with your market, common characteristics with your target audience) and feature it on every print and online interaction with your community.

In addition to vehicle signage and mailings, the Internet can provide you with another avenue for relationship-building by creating an information resource that clients can visit repeatedly.

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Where Do You Stand?

How would you describe your target customer?

How are you differentiating yourself from the competition?

What image are you portraying to potential clients?

How do you follow-up with previous clients?

Keys to Success

Focus your efforts on a specific segment of the market.
Are you a veteran? A life-long resident of you community? Do you have a large family? Choose a market niche by honing in on one of your own unique characteristics. Find people who can identify with you, and invest your time into turning prospects into clients.

Establish a unique corporate identity.
Your logo and print and online materials should express the image you wish to convey and emphasize your core values.

Create a customized web site to service new and potential clients.
We will create a custom website that will introduce you to potential clients and enumerate the services and values that set you apart from your competitors. We will include the address of your web site on all of the collateral that we design for you.

Establish ongoing contact with each of your past and current clients.
Retain current clients and attract new customers by offering personalized services and customized information to each person.


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Client Perspectives

I believe ThingsEternal's understanding of the real estate industry gave them added insight into my business’s needs.

Their customer focused solutions have served my real estate practice well."

Milton Ryan, REALTOR®