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v. 1. To plan out in systematic, usually graphic form. 2. To create or execute in an artistic manner.

ThingsEternal's graphic design portfolio also contains postcards, flyers, and advertisements in addition to the projects shown below.

We invite you to learn more about ThingsEternal's Corporate Identity services.


Warwick Freshmen House

The Freshmen House developed a number of means to increase open lines of communication between the school and the home. The website designed by ThingsEternal is one of their newest initiatives. It promotes school functions and athletic events, and offers a range of academic resources.


Bethel AME Church

The Bethel AME Church in Hampton, VA upgraded their previous site with a redesigned version created by ThingsEternal. This CMS powered site allows the church staff to distribute responsibilities for updating the site to various individuals.


Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers, Inc.

ThingsEternal designed a site to enable Care Net Resource Pregnancy Centers, Inc. to communicate with churches, donors, and volunteers. This site includes a number of interactive features that the Centers can use to inform their partners of news and upcoming events.


Jena Paintings

Jennifer Ambs asked ThingsEternal to replace her existing web site with a professional design that she could easily update and modify. ThingsEternal created the new site and trained Ms. Ambs on using the various features of the content management system.

Summit Christian Academy

The SCA leadership requested a new logo design which featured a column and highlighted the classical nature of the school's curriculum. This design is featured on the school's website (developed by ThingsEternal), stationary, and publications.


Milton Ryan, Realtor®

Favorable interest rates and attractive financial packages are enabling homeowners to maximize the value of their investment in real estate like no other time in recent history. Nowhere is this more evident than in the DC metro area. Mr. Ryan’s web site features a relocation guide and contact forms that enable him to access potential clients throughout the entire region.


Mount Olive Baptist Church

Mt. Olive asked ThingsEternal to integrate their existing web design into a content management system that would allow the church staff to update announcements and events with little or no knowledge of HTML programming.


Envision Financial Corporation

Envision is a team of accomplished real property investment advisors dedicated to helping people from all walks of life achieve financial independence through real estate. Their web site captures information from interested buyers and sellers and offers creative solutions for first time homebuyers. NOTE: Web site is no longer operational due to a corporate merger.


Chesapeake Investment Corporation

Investing in real estate preserves more capital for your personal use, increases the value of your holdings over time, and offers an unparalleled tax savings benefit that keeps more cash in your pocket. Chesapeake's site collects contact information from new clients and expands opportunities by offering flexible real estate investment packages to new and seasoned investors. NOTE: Web site is no longer operational due to a corporate merger.


Milton Ryan, Realtor®

ThingsEternal has also designed multiple postcards and business cards which Milton Ryan uses to communicate with current and potential real estate clients.











Maureen Palmer, Realtor®

Northern Virginia Realtor® Maureen palmer asked ThingsEternal to create a print advertisement for her. We developed both color and black and white versions of her ad to offer her flexibility for including it in various publications.


Social Studies Department

The Warwick Social Studies Department web site is a key component in the team's effort to increase teacher efficiencies, facilitate parent participation, improve student performance, and expand opportunities for all students.



U.S. History & Cross Country

Warwick High School students and parents can access information about assignments, grades, and cross country events through Mr. Davis’s Internet sites. The web site is connected to a custom database created by ThingsEternal that exports student performance data to the web where parents can access their child's grades via a secure ID.



This salon’s logo, custom designed by ThingsEternal, can be applied to business cards, brochures, gift certificates, and storefront signage, giving Agápe a consistent look and feel for all of their electronic and traditional media.



ThingsEternal has provided web development, strategic consulting, and graphic design services for this innovative hair care company. This print advertisement is part of the Corporate Identity suite used to solicit new salons and distributors.



For over 40 years, James Cotton has provided exceptional service to customers throughout Hampton Roads.  This professional painter recently expanded his customer base to North Carolina, Maryland and the Eastern Shore, and he depends on ThingsEternal for all of his branding needs, to include custom business cards, order forms, invoices, and receipts.


Life Strategies

ThingsEternal Life Strategies' primary emphases include evangelism and exposition of the Biblical text. We desire to provide singles, married couples, and families with information and resources required to live according to God's plan as outlined in Scripture.


ThingsEternal Creations

ThingsEternal's Decorative Illustrations of Scripture highlight Biblical truths and point to online articles and resources that explain the context of each Scripture. Products include SPIRITframesTM, Wall Calendars, and GreatestGift SetsTM.



The JoyPaks! personalized subscription program is designed to share Biblical truth with children and build stronger relationships between young people and the Christian adults in their lives.




Each design is copyrighted by ThingsEternal or the client represented.  All rights are reserved.


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Client Perspectives

ThingsEternal proved to be first rate and very professional!

Their communication was excellent and the project was finished in the timeframes specified. In fact, many phases of the project were completed ahead of schedule.

I'd highly recommend this company for website development.”

Ginger Davidson, President Time Pieces, LLC