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Mobile Professionals

mo·bile pro·fes·sion·al

n. 1. A skilled tradesperson whose services are provided on site at residential and commercial locations. 2. a team of centrally-managed laborers operating from various locations.

As a mobile professional1, you spend the bulk of your time providing your clients with exceptional customer service. Much of your new business is generated by word-of-mouth. But does the public really know that you're open for business? Are you maximizing your ability to grow?

Whether you’re an independent professional or you manage a team of skilled laborers, you need a Strategic Plan to increase your sales volume.  Your Image must portray competence and professionalism.  Your Clients deserve the best, and they must be made to feel that your business is their best hope for exceptional service.  And Your Systems must easily capture current and potential customers’ information so that you can consistently promote your products and services.

Featured Mobile Professionals website:



Where do you stand?

What types of collateral do you currently use to communicate with your current and prospective clients? Logo • Business cards • Flyers • Postcards/mailers • Brochures • web site • newsletter • storefront or vehicle signage • media advertisement

How do you want people to view your company and the service that you provide ?

How do you keep track of the following information?: Customer contact information • Supplies/inventory • Vendors and business contacts • Transactions and financial data • Correspondence

Keys to success

Process credit cards.
By offering secure credit card processing through your website, you’ll give your customers more flexibility and increase their confidence in you.

Stay in touch with customers through your web site.
One of the most convenient features of a website is its ability to send customer orders directly to your fax machine or e-mail account . Then you can access those orders from a cell phone, laptop or desktop computer.


1. ThingsEternal provides a full range of services designed for Mobile Professionals who offer these and other services to their customers:

landscaping · gardening · handyman · windows · painting · repairs · maintenance · plumbing · HVAC · renovation · home improvement · remodeling · carpentry · construction · pressure washing · moving · cleaning · residential · commercial · interior · exterior


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Client Perspectives

I’ve been in the paint business for over 40 years and for much of that time I’ve relied on word of mouth advertising. With help from ThingsEternal, I'm casting a wider net to expand the reach of my small business."

James Cotton, Founder, Cotton Paints