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Schools and Teachers

fa∑cil∑i∑ta∑ting ex∑cel∑lence

n. 1. connecting teachers, students, and parents 2. empowering educators to teach more efficiently and effectively.

Today's educators, parents, and students have much to gain by leveraging the power of technology to improve student performance, increase parent interaction, and enhance teacher efficiencies without taking away from instructional time.

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Where Do You Stand?

What methods do you use to systematically inform parents of attendance and grades?

Do you regularly analyze student performance on quarterly assessments to determine strengths and weaknesses?

How do you determine which students need remediation, or which intervention strategies proved most effective?

Keys to Success

Encourage school wide use of custom websites.
Online access to classroom and school news, assignments, and teacher policies will increase parent interaction and keep your entire student body more informed.

Keep your web site up to date.
Commit to maintaining your information daily or weekly. This will allow you and your students to gain maximum value from these resources.



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Client Perspectives

As Warwick High Schoolís Social Studies Lead Teacher, I needed a departmental website to facilitate parent participation and expand opportunities for all students.

Not only did ThingsEternal build us an outstanding website, but they also customized a Classroom Management System that we used to analyze student performance."

Diron Ford, Assistant Principal, Newport News Public Schools