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Web Sites

cus·tom web·site

n. 1. a vehicle through which you can clearly enumerate procedures and expectations 2. a tool by which you enable parents to stay abreast of their child's performance in your class in real time.

Keep parents informed with a cutting edge web presence that provides them with real-time access to all their child's grades.

Our custom websites enable teachers to provide students and parents with syllabi, class policies, assignments, upcoming projects, exam reviews, and other pertinent information. It then serves as a vehicle through which you can clearly enumerate procedures and expectations and provides parents with another tool to stay in contact with you.

And since your site sits out on the world wide web, it allows you to post materials for use by other professionals.


Custom Designs

Each site is unique, and sites from one school share common design elements to ensure a unified image.

Choose from Several Special Features, to include News Feeds, Games and Study Aids, Calculator, Calendar, Online Quiz, Contact Forms ...and more!






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Web Sites

Client Perspectives

The website for our rigorous pre-university course of studies needed to be revamped to better reflect our International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. ThingsEternal built us an amazing website that houses a wealth of resources for our students and parents, to include IB course offerings, summer reading material, guidance advice and financial aid information.

Carol Kennedy, WHS IB Programme Coordinator