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Custom Database

in·for·ma·tion man·age·ment

n. 1. “The means by which an organization efficiently plans, collects, organizes, uses, controls, disseminates and disposes of its information, and through which it ensures that the value of that information is identified and exploited to the fullest extent."




Turn piles of data into working knowledge with a custom database designed to capture information about your clients, products, and services so that you can automate your administrative activities and draw meaningful conclusions about the direction of your company. Your new database will give you instant access to Customer Invoices and Receipts, enabling you to analyze sales trends (e.g., sales by zip code) quickly. and govern your business accordingly.

Add on services


Custom Reports give you instant access to meaningful information about your customers and sales.


Send personalized letters and emails to each customer based on the information in your Custom Database.


Outsource your data entry and management to ThingsEternal • Receive Reports by Fax or Email • Monthly Billing

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Client Perspectives

As Warwick High School’s Social Studies Lead Teacher, I needed a departmental website to facilitate parent participation and expand opportunities for all students. Not only did ThingsEternal build us an outstanding website, but they also customized a Classroom Management System that members of my department used to analyze student performance. 

Diron Ford, Assistant Principal, Menchville High School