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About ThingsEternal

things·e·ter·nal stra·te·gic so·lu·tions

n. 1. Your partner in designing and implementing creative ways to successfully achieve your vision efficiently and economically. 2. A team of strategic consultants with experience in business planning and marketing, information systems design, brand management, Internet design and development, and Customer Relationship Management.

Guiding Principles

ThingsEternal is committed to adhering to Biblical principles regarding ministry, business, financial stewardship and leadership.

ThingsEternal Strategic Solutions

The Strategic Solutions division of ThingsEternal specializes in strategic planning, systems analysis, brand management, graphic design, web development, and customer relationship management for businesses and non-profit organizations.

JoyPaks! by ThingsEternal

The JoyPaks! personalized subscription program is designed to share Biblical truth with children and build stronger relationships between young people and the Christian adults in their lives. JoyPaks! are monthly gifts with Bible lessons and learning activities, designed to help youngsters trust, understand, and live by the Bible.

ThingsEternal Creations

ThingsEternal's Decorative Illustrations of Scripture highlight Biblical truths and point to online articles and resources that explain the context of each Scripture. Products include SPIRITframesTM, Wall Calendars, and GreatestGift SetsTM.

ThingsEternal Life Strategies

ThingsEternal Life Strategies' primary emphases include evangelism and exposition of the Biblical text. We desire to provide singles, married couples, and families with information and resources required to live according to God's plan as outlined in Scripture.





Client Perspectives

ThingsEternal’s integrity is second to none, and I look forward to partnering with them for many years to come.”

Milton Ryan, REALTOR®