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Ministry and Worship


n. 1. to attend to the wants and needs of others. 2. to give help to someone in need.

Churches and ministries are finding creative ways to use the Internet to further the gospel of Jesus Christ. This can be achieved through online ministry tools and by improving communication throughout the congregation or organization.

Featured Ministry & Worship websites:


 Where do you stand?

How do you communicate ministry information to your congregation?

How are you reaching out to the people in your community?

Are you using the Internet to share sound Biblical teaching?

Keys to success

Create a web site with a content management system.
This flexible tool allows members of your ministry team to post announcements, information, and events from their area of responsibility. Content Management Systems feature user accounts that can be accessed from any computer, and administrator accounts for the people who will approve each contribution for public viewing.

Publish evangelistic content on your website.
Seek opportunities to share the gospel with unbelievers.

Add an online Bible to your web site.
This feature will give your congregation and community another avenue for studying God's word.

Communicate with your community and congregation.
Use postcards and newsletters to invite community members to visit your web site and attend your weekly meetings and special events.


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Client Perspectives

Some of our most fulfilling projects have enabled faith-based organizations to achieve their objectives in a more efficient manner.

Our goal is to help you make a greater impact and expand your target audience."

Kimberly Davis, Director, Design and Technology.